Casual Cooking: Pizza Dough Prepared Like a Professional

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The technique to a superior pie, irrespective of toppings, lies with the crust. Is a recognized fact among pizza cooks. The flavor begins with the dough, whether the pie is a thick, Chicago style version or the traditional thin crust variety. Home cooks can reproduce pizza joint quality pizzas by following a few basic techniques and using a proven pizza dough formula.

The fundamental pizza dough components include flour, active dry yeast, salt and oil, traditional items present in most kitchen cabinets. If the yeast or flour is not fresh, however, the pizza might not rise or could have a stale flavor. Numerous recipes call for olive oil while others may suggest vegetable oil. The type of oil used varies. Before combining the mixture, assemble all the ingredients together, check expiry dates and confirm quantities.

To knead and stretch the dough suitably, a thoroughly clean work area will be necessary and you need to have plenty of elbow space. Sharp cutting tools, a pizza pan and supplementary flour or cornmeal to prevent sticking are important, together with a large mixing bowl, preferably one with a taut cover. Make certain that all utensils are clean and dry prior to use. An average area temperature provides the best environment for both dough prep work and when the dough is set aside to rise. Refrain from working in a kitchen area that is too hot or too cold.

Making pizza dough the very first time takes some patience, particularly during the handling and kneading part of the recipe. Read all instructions carefully prior to starting. Allow ample time to let the dough rest and increase in volume. Dough may become tricky to handle, the finished pizza crust can be too tough, chewy, or fall apart if the dough is rushed.

Other Pizza Making Tips: It is always a good approach to perform a practice pizza or two and try a new recipe prior to welcoming friends or family to dinner. Dough handling techniques may take a bit practice. Each dough recipe may have minor differences that affect the end result. Remember oven temperatures can vary greatly, and it is vital to preheat fully before positioning dough in the oven to bake, except when otherwise specified. The individual creativeness of the cook can make pizza making at home pleasurable to create and a delicious, yet casual meal.

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Casual Cooking: Pizza Dough Prepared Like a Professional

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Casual Cooking: Pizza Dough Prepared Like a Professional

This article was published on 2012/02/03